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19-03-2015 VSAS | Variable Structure Automatic Systems

Dans le cadre du centre fédérant les activités de Recherche à l’Ecole des Mines de Rabat, SYSCOM : Systèmes Complexes et Modélisation, le Professeur Nacer Kouider M'SIRDI de l’École Polytechnique Universitaire de Marseille en France, a animé une conférence portant sur Variable Structure Automatic Systems.


The VSAS research action has started at the end of 2008, for fundamental research in automatic control and optimization for the Variable Structure Systems with commutations. The considered class of systems (VSS) is multi components (using multiple connected models with commutations) involving exchanges between several parts of the system and the environment.

The SASV knowledge in automatic control, robotics, computer-integrated manufacturing, signal processing, optimization and mechatronics are exploited in several innovative industrial applications, where optimization, respect of the environment, cost reduction and energy saving are the main targets.


These last decades, the applied research in automatic control for vehicle dynamics, robotics, computer-integrated manufacturing or for energy and sustainable development are largely studied, especially for safety aspects, user's comfort, energy saving, performances and driving assistance. The technologies progress and recent knowledge offer new solutions (automatic or assisted) to improve the design of tools such as the monitoring or control systems. The requirements increase and the performances need advanced nonlinear control techniques. Systems Analysis and robust estimation of parameters or variables, robust observations and control are studied and extended for the needs for innovative applications. My research topics are:


Variable Structure Automatic Systems are made of several sub systems (systems of systems) with time or state depending commutations. Modeling, Observation and control are open problems to be studied, for this case according to the applications considered. The variations in the structure and commutations imply exchanges between the various parts of the system and the environment.


1) Sate Analysis, observation and testing to lead to automatic recognition of operating situations (embedded estimators, assistance system, diagnosis ...). Open Research Topics: State estimation in VSAS, observation and identification for Variable Structure Systems, Interactions with other systems with unknown dynamics. The main interest is to build a methodology for the state estimation, analysis, running situation recognition and optimal control for VSAS and production systems.

2) The system control, assistance, diagnosis and monitoring, of complex systems and their interactions with the environment (safety, optimal operation, performance).